CGM Consulting

Creating a intuitive website to fuel business growth

For the growth-oriented, a website is the primary digital tool to build credibility and stand apart from competitors. A great website; one with strategic messaging, thoughtful design, and stellar performance is the glue that binds successful marketing programs. 

Recently, CGM Consulting came to NetStrategies to launch their inaugural website. We were charged with the task of creating a digital brand from the ground up. Not only that, the website needed to help prospects understand CGMs unique advantages in the commercial renovation space. 

To this end, the Netstrategies team:

  • Held discovery sessions to understand CGMs target buyers, unique advantages, and positioning in the Washington, DC market
  • Created a content framework that would articulate CGMs capabilities
  • Utilized pre-made WordPress themes to streamline the development timeline
  • Created an intuitive website structure and easy-to-use management dashboard
  • Provided support for technical updates


“If you’re looking for a marketing company that has your back both today and tomorrow, the answer is NetStrategies.”
Christine Marton, President, CGM Strategies




MeanGreen Media had been a player in the progressive media production industry for decades, but as more competition started cropping up they enlisted NetStrategies to help launch a marketing program, beginning with solidifying their brand messaging. 

Utilizing our brand messaging framework, which centers around identifying a client’s unique Sales Moment, we were able to help MeanGreen shed light on why buyers choose them — one of the first steps in helping them gain more of their ideal clients. 

After conducting a series of client interviews, we were able to: 

  • Identify the single idea that sets MeanGreen apart from their competition. By honing in on this idea, we’re able to create messaging for campaigns that resonate instead of falling flat.  
  • Understand supporting characteristics that MeanGreen’s best clients highly value, so we can continue to highlight those differentiators to prospects. 
  • Give the entire client team a cohesive set of messaging points, so that both sales and marketing can work together to grow business.

Next Stage Design

When Next Stage Design was looking to partner with a proven leader in national and local digital marketing campaigns, they turned to NetStrategies. Over the last five years, our work has evolved from brand messaging, SEO, and web management to developing comprehensive marketing campaigns for their expanding business. Our strategies include content development, localized keyword targeting, paid digital lead generation campaigns, and thought leadership through media outreach. 

More recently, NetStrategies was tasked with a complete website redesign to accompany a company rebrand. Our soup-to-nuts service didn’t stop at just the website redesign. Our process ensured that the rebrand had as little impact on digital visibility as possible, while also setting Next Stage up for the next five years of growth. 

Through these strategies, we have achieved results such as:

  • 210% year-over-year increase in event leads. Through a strong digital strategy, we were able to increase registrations to bi-monthly remodeling seminars and improve attendance rates at these events, therefore making a tangible impact on revenue. 
  • 633% improvement in email subscriber growth. By creating downloadable “lead magnets” we helped Next Stage establish a relationship early in the buying cycle.
  • 147% increase in leads from paid digital campaigns. Through optimizations and proactive campaign innovation, we have been able to increase the returns from these campaigns year-over-year, without significant budget changes.



Trimark Mechanical Services

Trimark Mechanical Services, Trimark Corporation’s light commercial mechanical services division, started working with NetStrategies by overhauling their brand messaging. They extended this brand messaging into a multi-channel lead generation program which included targeted list purchases, email campaigns, and paid advertisements. 

Through our strategies, we have achieved results such as:

Targeting email touchpoint each leading to 1-2 new sales conversations

With annual revenue at approximately 3.4million and projects ranging from $30,000 to $200,000, each new sales conversation has a significant impact on Trimark Mechanical’s bottom line. 

Traffic, and thus awareness created, through social platforms increasing by 638%

Case studies and site content was distributed through paid and organic social campaigns in order to create top-of-mind awareness. We were able to keep budgets in check by tightly targeting Trimark’s ideal clientele. 




To grow revenue, The Media Trust needed to convey their position as a market leader in the digital security space. By educating executives on the security risk of third-party code in their digital environments, the company aimed to gain clients and be seen as the ideal enterprise solution for modern-day digital security threats. NetStrategies crafted a program which included brand messaging, content development, campaign planning, and campaign execution.  We utilized tactics such as automated email campaigns, LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads, and Google Adwords to reach well-defined audiences representing The Media Trust’s ideal client. 

Through our program, we have achieved results such as: 

  • Reached over 1,055 CXO, VP and Director-level decision makers. 
  • Drove high-level engagement at over two dozen key accounts. 
  • Achieved LinkedIn click-through-rates 38% higher than typical LinkedIn campaign benchmarks. 


The Media Trust’s proprietary digital security technology addresses threats as they evolve. In early 2020, their scans found a 16% increase in misleading ads and paid content around coronavirus. This finding would have a huge impact on one of their key customers segments, publishers and ad-tech companies. To help these prospects understand the issue at hand, and in order build out their own marketing pipeline, they decided to hold a webinar covering the ad quality trends around COVID-19.The Media Trust enlisted NetStrategies to craft and execute the marketing strategies around this initiative. Our responsibilities included: 

Developing a Variety of Content to Support Success
The cornerstone of content assets needed to support the event was a compelling landing page allowing prospects to register for the event. Additionally, NetStrategies led creating blog posts, emails and social blurbs for sales teams, emails to existing contacts, and graphics for paid campaigns. 

Executing a Multi-Channel Promotional Strategy
The distribution strategy for this initiative involved reaching an audience of publishers and ad-tech leaders through paid email distribution, in-house email campaigns, and paid ads. Additionally, part of this execution involved aligning various technologies, including the Media Trust website, Salesforce/Pardot, and GoToWebinar.  

Expanding the Marketing Pipeline Post-Event
The event garnered great results, with over 200 high-quality registrants. The final step would be how to introduce these contacts into the existing marketing pipeline. NetStrategies created a series of follow-up emails designed at keeping the problem of policing ad quality top of mind.


200 high-value attendees registered

54% attendance rate

94 new enterprise contacts


AOBA Educational Foundation

Matching eager employers to qualified candidates in DC's booming commercial real estate industry.

The AOBA Educational Foundation has one mission — match eager employers to qualified employees. To meet the growing employment demands of commercial real estate clients in the Washington, DC area, employers need access to a steady stream of qualified, hard-working individuals to fill various entry-level roles in the building engineering industry. In return, the field provides employees with a career that’s stable, intellectually stimulating and provides a straight-forward path to advancement — all without the need to invest in a four-year degree.

AEF approached NetStrategies to help create a responsive, user-centric website experience that helps guide visitors through the internship application process. We worked with AEF board members to define their ideal candidates and address the pain points that prevented them from finding qualified applicants in the past. We used a series of client interviews and strategy meetings to build the website’s infrastructure, complete with revamped content and interactive, client-facing copy that ensures potential interns are educated and prepared for the application process, increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert from qualified candidates to full-time building engineers.




Compelling visual design paired with robust web capabilities.

INTEC Group was established as one of the first firms to combine architecture and interior design as an integrated concept. Due to its success, INTEC Group has been growing quickly with locations recently opening in VA, DC and Charlotte, NC. With this growth came the challenge of being part of a highly visual industry, and in order to stay competitive, they needed a stronger visual portfolio of their work and capabilities. Our team was tasked with creating an inspiring new look and feel to their website that successfully showcased their work using compelling illustration and imagery. In order for this high level of design to function well for desktop and mobile, we implemented immensely complex coding that would be nimble enough to recode in real time as their business grew.


MARK IV Builders

Differentiating high-end B2C services in a saturated market.

MARK IV Builders has deep roots in the greater DC metro region. Founded more than 25 years ago, this multi-million dollar company is one of the area’s leading residential design-build remodeling companies. They build high-end custom home additions and remodels and needed a website to showcase not only the superior quality of their work, but also the key factors that differentiate them from their competitors. The company launched its beautiful new site in early 2014 and since then, our team has helped create and implement a strategic content marketing plan aimed to help drive new prospects. This plan includes content development for MARK IV’s newsletter and blog, social media consultation and implementation, paid campaign support, on site signage creation and more.


Mint DC

Fueling growth in the health & fitness space.

When this DC fitness center and spa witnessed a rise in competition within its very localized market, MINT asked NetStrategies to evaluate its website, increase its lead flow, and improve its online visibility. Following an in-depth website audit, NetStrategies collaborated with MINT’s web development team to optimize the site, restructure its information architecture, and help it convert more visitors into leads. After these changes, online conversions made significant gains and conversion rates skyrocketed. In fact, every metric showed steady progress with organic search visitors increasing significantly, social visitors and referral traffic making impressive gains, as well as additional leads via paid search. We also helped boost their social presence online via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Phoenix Consulting Group

Creating a brand presence to appeal to market segments.

Phoenix Consulting Group provides intelligence training to military law enforcement and a variety of corporate clients. Given the nature of its classified work, PheonixCG partnered with NetStrategies to create a new brand look and feel that would resonate with its hyper-targeted audience. Through extensive research, we created a new brand vision that included the redesign of their website for desktop and mobile, logo and tagline. We also developed three advertising and email campaigns targeting the organizations’ three niche audiences – corporate, law enforcement, and military.