AOBA Educational Foundation

Matching eager employers to qualified candidates in DC's booming commercial real estate industry.

The AOBA Educational Foundation has one mission — match eager employers to qualified employees. To meet the growing employment demands of commercial real estate clients in the Washington, DC area, employers need access to a steady stream of qualified, hard-working individuals to fill various entry-level roles in the building engineering industry. In return, the field provides employees with a career that’s stable, intellectually stimulating and provides a straight-forward path to advancement — all without the need to invest in a four-year degree.

AEF approached NetStrategies to help create a responsive, user-centric website experience that helps guide visitors through the internship application process. We worked with AEF board members to define their ideal candidates and address the pain points that prevented them from finding qualified applicants in the past. We used a series of client interviews and strategy meetings to build the website’s infrastructure, complete with revamped content and interactive, client-facing copy that ensures potential interns are educated and prepared for the application process, increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert from qualified candidates to full-time building engineers.