CGM Consulting

Creating a intuitive website to fuel business growth

For the growth-oriented, a website is the primary digital tool to build credibility and stand apart from competitors. A great website; one with strategic messaging, thoughtful design, and stellar performance is the glue that binds successful marketing programs. 

Recently, CGM Consulting came to NetStrategies to launch their inaugural website. We were charged with the task of creating a digital brand from the ground up. Not only that, the website needed to help prospects understand CGMs unique advantages in the commercial renovation space. 

To this end, the Netstrategies team:

  • Held discovery sessions to understand CGMs target buyers, unique advantages, and positioning in the Washington, DC market
  • Created a content framework that would articulate CGMs capabilities
  • Utilized pre-made WordPress themes to streamline the development timeline
  • Created an intuitive website structure and easy-to-use management dashboard
  • Provided support for technical updates


“If you’re looking for a marketing company that has your back both today and tomorrow, the answer is NetStrategies.”
Christine Marton, President, CGM Strategies


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