MeanGreen Media had been a player in the progressive media production industry for decades, but as more competition started cropping up they enlisted NetStrategies to help launch a marketing program, beginning with solidifying their brand messaging. 

Utilizing our brand messaging framework, which centers around identifying a client’s unique Sales Moment, we were able to help MeanGreen shed light on why buyers choose them — one of the first steps in helping them gain more of their ideal clients. 

After conducting a series of client interviews, we were able to: 

  • Identify the single idea that sets MeanGreen apart from their competition. By honing in on this idea, we’re able to create messaging for campaigns that resonate instead of falling flat.  
  • Understand supporting characteristics that MeanGreen’s best clients highly value, so we can continue to highlight those differentiators to prospects. 
  • Give the entire client team a cohesive set of messaging points, so that both sales and marketing can work together to grow business.