Social Media Management

Social Media Helps Your Organization Listen. Engage. Learn. Share. Lead.

While still a relatively young customer engagement channel, social media's importance continues to grow in the business world. The great thing about the early adoption of a new technology is it puts you in front of your competitors. It also lends you credibility with your customers as an innovator that changes with the times.

How can your organization use social media?

Social media supports everything else in your Internet marketing plan.

  • Listen to what people are saying about your organization, your product, your industry. Engage, rather than ignore. Become a part of the conversation.
  • Learn about your industry, customer, and competition.
  • Share your expertise with others.
  • Lead your industry as an expert. Lead stakeholders to your organization. Create qualified leads.

If you need guidance in creating and implementing a social media strategy to support your Internet marketing efforts, NetStrategies can help. You can contract our social media services as a complete package or a la carte.

The Plan

Together we can create a social media plan for your organization that incorporates your measureable goals and desired outcomes.

Online Reputation Management

Implement a comprehensive strategy for listening to and commenting on what is being said about your organization, product, keywords, and competition.

The Tools

Create branded profiles and populate social media channels with targeted followers and content.

We can help you create a blog and/or video blog, submit it to relevant directories, and even produce content.


We assist you in measuring the impact of your social media plan, tracking its progress.

What are people saying about your organization right now online?

If you don't know, you'd better find out!

Learn step by step how to integrate social media into your marketing mix.

For just $300, NetStrategies can deliver a thorough social media assessment and plan for your organization.

NetStrategies can lead your organization's social media efforts. Learn how today.