Express HomeBuyers Leads Jump 31%

Express HomeBuyers is the largest professional home buying company in Northern Virginia. They buy homes directly from their owners, make renovations to assure they are in top-market condition, and then sell them. Most of the homes they purchase are in such poor shape, either physically or financially, that the owners are looking for someone to help them solve their housing problem. Express HomeBuyers promises to be ready to close in under seven days. Their specialists have bought more than 400 homes in DC, MD and VA in the past five years.

NOTE: After this Case Study appeared, Harold Maurer left Express HomeBuyers and joined the NetStrategies team as Vice President for Client Services. Harold now takes his experience as a NetStrategies customer and helps new clients build a profitable online presence using NetStrategies' comprehensive approach to Internet marketing.

The Challenge

Express HomeBuyers

Express HomeBuyers approached NetStrategies last August to improve their Web presence.

Harold Maurer, director of Marketing for Express HomeBuyers, explains the challenges NetStrategies faced when they took over "all things Web" for Express HomeBuyers. "You've heard the proverb; too many cooks spoil the broth. We had too many cooks involved with our website. Different providers handled hosting, design, and e-newsletter service. In other words, our Web presence was a mess, held together with HTML tape and wire."

Express HomeBuyers needed their Web presence all in one place in the hands of a full-service functional provider. NetStrategies also took on managing the PPC and SEO aspects of the website. Placing its Web presence in the hands of the experts at NetStrategies allowed Express HomeBuyers to focus on its brand(s). The development of two distinct brand identities is another positive result of the company's work with NetStrategies.


As a result of using NetStrategies for its online performance optimization, Express HomeBuyers can now measure results. They benchmark, measure, and track improvement of the Express HomeBuyers website and paid-per-click advertising campaign. Leads jumped 31 percent once NetStrategies started optimizing the Express HomeBuyers website. A weekly broadcast e-mail campaign generated double the normal level of phone calls to Express HomeBuyers sales staff.

What Harold Maurer values the most about NetStrategies is their single telephone number. "NetStrategies is our 9-1-1-Web," said Maurer. "NetStrategies is all things Web-related for Express HomeBuyers. Their single telephone number gives us one place to go for help while we continue to strategically manage our organization. When we call, they get it done!"

Maurer adds, "If you want people who make sense and show an absolute willingness to work with you the way you want to work with them, then I strongly recommend using NetStrategies for your Internet optimization. They take a common sense approach to business and are very up front about it. As a client, we appreciate that and it works great for us."