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Search Engine OptimizationGoogle, Washington Post, NY Times Team Up

living stories picSearch Engine Optimization Fundamentals | Stacey Morgan Smith

Google continues to revolutionize the way we get information.

I’ve been a reliable reader of the Washington Post for close to 15 years. Home delivery, read it each morning on Metro…even drove 20 miles to pick it up weekly (at a huge markup) when I lived in Central Virginia. Moving back to Northern Virginia 3 years ago, the very first thing I did was go online and order a 7-days-a-week subscription.

Now I’m faced with recycling papers I can’t find time to read. Google, the Post and the NY Times are making it easier for me to stay on top of the issues. Read More »

Search Engine OptimizationLink Building Fundamentals – SMXEast Session Notes

linksSearch Engine Optimization Fundamentals | Stacey Morgan Smith

My final Monday session at SMXEast in New York included the all-important topic of link building. Though it was a bootcamp/basics class, link building is often considered a difficult part of SEO. Attending the class gave me a few new pointers and useful information. Read More »

Social MediaTwo Social Media Tools I rely Upon — Google Reader and HootSuite

Learn Social Media with Laurie Dunlop

Bald EagleIt’s the simple things in life we sometimes take for granted. For example, the view from my desk of the Occoquan Marina in Northern Virginia is lovely, even on rainy days. Without question it puts me into a better frame of mind for writing. No matter how many times I see a bald eagle swoop through the sky, it never fails to give me a thrill! My poor husband works from a windowless cubicle deep within the Pentagon. How can I forget how fortunate we are at NetStrategies to see such beauty while working?
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Search Engine OptimizationSEO and a Roadtrip


Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals | Stacey Morgan Smith

As I left Northern Virginia one weekend, I was in an SEO mindset, and even a road trip reminded me of search engine optimization.

I should first say that I’m a very conservative driver. I’d rather take my time getting to my destination than risk the fees and anxiety associated with a speeding ticket.

A few miles into the trip to Southwest Virginia, I found myself to be part of a pack of cars. We tended to stick to the center lane, moving over only to pass or be passed, and we were moving about the same speed. We stuck close to the speed limit, used our turn signals, turned on our wipers in the rain, and we left a safe following distance.

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Social MediaDo You Facebook for Business or Pleasure?

Learn Social Media with Laurie Dunlop


My husband calls himself a Facebook widower. That’s because I spend on average 10-15 minutes an evening catching up with friends and updating my status. For me, Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch with old friends, many of whom I lost touch with over the years. I’ve reconnected with high school, college, and Army friends. Plus I’ve friended new people since moving to Northern Va.
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Search Engine OptimizationInternet Marketing Tip – How to Choose Keywords for SEO

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals | Stacey Morgan Smith

So we’ve discussed that you HAVE to know your keywords. An effective SEO campaign without keywords is like rowing a boat without oars. You know where you want to be, but how in the heck can you get there without the right tools? There is always time for keyword research!

How do you choose keywords?

Start by thinking of every word that could be used to describe your product. Write down words people may search for to find your site. Ask other people – friends, coworkers, social networkers.

Once you have a list of possible keywords, use some of the wonderful free tools Google has provided to think outside of the box. The Google Search-based Keyword Tool, Google Trends, and Google Insights for Search provide additional keyword opportunities.

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New Public Relations, Social Media, Web ContentWhen It Comes to Social Media, the U.S. Army Says, “Have at it!” Just Remember OPSEC 101

Learn Social Media with Laurie Dunlop

U.S. ArmyArmy leadership began drumming operational security (OPSEC) into my head 20 years ago when my husband was a “butter bar” lieutenant. The recent explosion in social media caused me to wonder what the Army’s official take on this craze is, especially when it comes to OPSEC.
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New Public Relations, Social Media, Web ContentDo You Agree Social Media Will Usurp the Corporate Web Site?

Learn Social Media with Laurie Dunlop

socialvswebpageI recently read Adam Ostrow’s Mashable blog entitled, “Is Social Media Making Corporate Websites Irrelevant” and wondered how my Northern Virginia team at NetStrategies would react to that headline. Keep in mind, our area of expertise is helping businesses optimize their Web sites! So I asked my team for a rebuttal and here is their take:

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Social Media, Web ContentShould You Twitter for More Than One?

happybirds2mediumLearn Social Media with Laurie Dunlop

Everyone agrees that you must define your customer profiles before you can market your product or service. Those profiles can include a wide range of detail from basic demographics to spending habits and hobbies. Watch a great instructional video that describes creating marketing personas at the SEOmoz Web site.

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Search Engine OptimizationThe Secret to SEO

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals | Stacey Morgan Smith

The Secret to Search Engine Optimization of your site?

Content. Yeah, not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. It’s no magic pill, but it is the answer.

If you have good content, and by that, I mean, interesting, engaging, well-written content, your site will naturally improve in the search engines over time. Good content also leads to good links.

SEO that is based on good content achieves results faster.  Good content  solves a problem. Whether the searcher is researching or shopping, you must answer a question and give searchers the information they are looking for.

Write, rewrite, update, and make your site content relevant. It’s the true secret to search engine optimization.

– Stacey Morgan Smith