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New Public Relations, Social Media, Web ContentFree Press Release Directories Help Your News Gain Traction

Social Media and Content Fundamentals with Laurie Dunlop

Distribute your news

A press release is a great way to present newsworthy content for your readers. However, the cost can be prohibitive for a small business or association to subscribe to the big press release distribution sites. Before you shell out $350 or more to get your news noticed, you might consider registering for a few of the free directory websites. While the free sites do not normally contain links, video embeds, or graphic images, they do receive notice via Twitter, blogs, and search engines.
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New Public Relations, Social Media9 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Twitter Account — This really is for beginners!

Learn Social Media with Laurie Dunlop

Twitter icon courtesy of Productive Dreams.

Twitter icon courtesy of Productive Dreams.

Twitter. It’s in the news. Your favorite talk show hosts talk about it. Political cartoonists illustrate it. Politicians, celebrities, and family physicians now “Tweet.” While the wave of popularity continues to evolve you can jump in and engage potential customers in this new social media platform.

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New Public Relations, Web Content10 Ideas to Generate a Top 10 Blog List

Learn New Public Relations with Laurie Dunlop

david-letterman If you read blogs, you know that any blogger worth her salt (his too!) includes an occasional Top 10 list. There are Web sites like Toptenz dedicated to Top 10 lists and even solicit for your ideas on what lists they can compile. David Letterman capitalizes on the public’s fascination with all things Top 10. You can watch those segments dating back to August 1993 on the CBS Late Night Web site.
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New Public Relations, Web Content“To be, or not to be?” Sorry Shakespeare, Solid Writing Is Active

Learn new Public Relations with Laurie Dunlop

468px-shakespeareNotice my headline reads “solid writing” and not perfect, fancy, or academic writing. Most public relations efforts involve the written word. Whether you compose a blog, Web page, news release, or video script, pay close attention to the words you choose and how you use them.
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New Public Relations, Web ContentBlogging 101: Bring Visitors to Your Web Site When You Share Your Passion

Learn new PR with Laurie Dunlop

The Internet marketing gurus say blog. It makes perfect sense. If you’re an expert in your field, who better to share that knowledge, that passion, but you? In theory you can write a few blog entries a week, engaging your readers (hopefully your customers) in conversation, educating them about your industry, your business, your specialty. OK, perhaps it is not so easy to get started, but I got my feet wet commenting in other blogs for a few months, so here I go!¬†
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